ANA 737-800 Repaint

PMDG NG3 Boeing 737-881(8AL) (For MSFS)

Version 1.20

By ANA7875, 0515_Studio, and SINO9309

重要なお知らせ Important Notice:
「カスタマイズ」設定には何も入力しないでください。Please do not input anything in the "Customization" setting.


There will never have a cost of acquisition of this fleet pack. This is also required by materials used in the creation of this pack.
Unless requested, redistribution and recreation of this fleet pack are prohibited in any way or form to ensure the quality of this fleet pack.
This fleet pack will continue to update, so if there is something that attracts attention or question, please contact ANA7875 (

ぼくたちはANA 737-800 (JA51AN-66AN,68AN-90AN) の全機をプレセントします。

Here we present you the whole fleet of ANA 737-800 series (JA51AN-66AN, 68AN-90AN).
We have researched and recreated many details for our liveries. We hope you enjoy!

737-800機材情報: (詳細はこちらをチェック: 機材LIST)

737-800 Fleet Information: (Please check Our fleet list for more detailed information!)

細部 Details to Mention:
- 部分的キャビンテクスチャ Partial cabin texture creation
- 部分的コックピットテクスチャ Partial cockpit texture creation
- 全日空式yoke checklist ANA style yoke checklist
- LED/旧式ランディングライト設定 LED/Conventional landing light configuration
- BSI/旧式キャビンライト設定 BSI/Conventional cabin light
- デカールとステッカー Realistic decals and stickers over aircraft fuselage
- JA51AN(Star Alliance), JA58AN(「ご当地プレーン:富山市」), JA85AN(東北FLOWER JET)とANA Wings 10th Anniversary
- 881スタイル塗装と8ALスタイル塗装 881 style livery and 8AL style livery

写真 Photos: